“REVELATION 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony” 


Born and raised in Chicago, currently in South Florida, Jbez was once a lost teenager, trying to figure himself and the world out.

He thought that the answer was in worldly things like drugs, gangs, robbing people, and the list goes on. 

He realized his life needed to change. The Lord gave him a second chance at life, and he began making a difference in the world.

Coming from the streets, he has a real heart for the youth who are in the same position he was in as a teen, showing them that the only answer is the Lord, who saved his soul from hell and the grave.

Jbez is no stranger in South Florida. He is a TV Host, Radio Host, Event Planner, Event Host, and so much more. He ministers the Good Word and mentors many who are coming to serve Him.

He is an inspirational leader who is led by the Lord to make real change in the world. That change is coming about in the Christian Hip-Hop scene all throughout Florida. His vision and purpose is HUGE and we know his destiny will be fulfilled through all that he is doing.

He also does featured LIVE interviews at events with his team at CHH Promotions. You can find interviews with all of the big names in CHH on his YouTube channel.

He is also known as the #chhninja on social media, as the Lord has put it on Jbez's heart to rep Christian Hip-Hop on NBC's American Ninja Warrior.

When the Lord gives you purpose and transforms your life as he has Jbez's, the result is that the rest of the world will follow suit. The answer is in the Word of God, and that is the only thing that can turn a bad life situation into a happy ending full of purpose and direction.

After being a part of a group, performing on television and various venues, he got a word from the Lord that it was time for him to give his all to Him by going solo.

Jbez plans to release his album "Da Pavement" in January 2020, with a few singles from the album being released in the meantime.


You can learn all about Jbez, catch his full story and an exclusive interview in October's magazine.

Catch Jbez in Jam The Hype - October 2019



On My Knees Single:12.21.2019

Da Pavement album 1.21.2020




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